New Google YouTube Ads

I just tried to install the YouTube Google ad format on my other blog. it was interesting, and it isn’t really suited that well for my blog. I got it to work and you can see it here. Chicago Restaurants

Here is what I would like from Google and YouTube to make it better:

1. Better targeting of videos. Maybe choose specific videos that have relevance to your content. Their filters aren’t working for me. I even gave them Chicago keywords as a guide and they still are serving random stuff that isn’t related to Chicago in any way. Maybe use those keywords to do a tag search and just serve those that have those tags? Or let me pick them individually.

2. The size is not right for my blog. It’s too big for anywhere pretty much, so I opted for above the posts because it will blow out the side bars if I put it there. What might work is to update the wordpress theme to alternate posts with video units on the main page. Or I may have to put it inside the posts only, and hope those posts have some relevance to the videos. This won’t work until we get better targeting.

Anyway, it’s an interesting way to syndicate their content out and get this huge affiliate network going generating eyeball views for their content and keeping YT top of mind in consumer’s eyes when so many other video sites are popping up every day.